NMCC LLP will be activately supporting and playing a major role in the establishment of NMCC       NMCC Aaswas, a deposit linked scheme formulated by North Malabar Commercial Collective LLP to relieve the financial strain of cancer patients      
# Radiotherapy
1 Upgradable Linear Accelerator
2 Dosimetry Equipment
3 Single Energy Linear Accelerator
4 Multi-Channel Brachy Therapy Machine
5 CT Simulator Basic 16 Slice Unit
# Radiology
1 MRI Machine 3 Tesla
2 CT Machine (Diagnosis)
3 PET CT Machine
4 Digital X-Ray
5 Digital Mammography
# Radiology
6 High End USG Machine with Biopsy
7 Mid End USG Machine
8 X-Ray Unit -500 M A with CR
9 Portable X-Ray Unit
1 High Speed Vaccum Sterilizer 16 STU
2 Inbuilt Steam Generator
Nuclear Medicine
Modular OT
3 Nos
Haematology, Histopathology, Gross Pathology Laboratory & Cryostat Room Cytology Prep Room, Blood & Respiratory Culture Laboratory
Cytology Screening, Cyto-Genetic / Karyotyping, Apheresis, Molecular Rooms
Immunohistochemistry,Bone Dentistometry, Chemotherapy (Isolation), Endoscopy Procedure Rooms
Emergency Department, OPD Rooms, Wards
With 10 beds