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    Welcome to BLM NMCC


    BLM NMCC is an ultra-modern Super Speciality Cancer Hospital coming up 10 kms away from Kanhangad Municipal Town in Kasaragod District, 120 kms away from the nearest Cancer Hospital in Kerala.

    It is spread over a 30 acre pristine campus endowed with abundant water resources, unpolluted air (Air Quality Index – AQI- “Good” throughout the year) and all utilities.

    With about 100000 sq ft of constructed area available already, the hospital will be fully operational by 2024.

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    Welcome to BLM NMCC

    Hospital with a Difference

    Latest technology in all aspects

    Artificial Intelligence based diagnostics and treatment protocols

    Paediatric Oncology

    Paperless patient management

    Yoga, Counselling and rehabilitation facilities

    Retiring rooms, cottages, cafeteria

    E V charging stations

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    Welcome to BLM NMCC

    Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Care

    A pain-free, AI-based screening solution to detect breast cancer in its early stage.

    Innovative “multimarker prognostic and predictive tests” that aid in personalised treatment of patients through identification of patterns of recurrence of various cancers.

    AI-based computer vision for screening cervical cancer.

    Non-invasive and real-time solution to screen and detect cancer cells in the mouth using multispectral camera.

    Liquid biopsy that detects live cancer cells in blood circulation which captures circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in peripheral blood.

The Best Cancer Care Center

The proposed hospital will be a multi-disciplinary Cancer Speciality Care unit near Kanhangad, Kasaragod Dist. The Hospital will have 100 Beds in the first phase, within a campus of 30 acres.

Demographic Profile

The proposed hospital, as indicated, is located in Kanhangad, Kasaragod District, Kerala, where there are no other facilities. Having a railway station nearby has a strategic value. The middle class, which is the company's primary target population, accounting for the vast majority of the population in this demographic profile. A huge number of patients from the neighboring districts of Kannur, Wayanad, and Coorg are likely to come to the hospital, accounts for the vast majority in this demographic profile.

Operational Management

The ability to manage operations effectively is one of the most important components in the success of any enterprise. To deliver effective services, it is vital to have an efficient operational system. At the Hospital, a dynamic management team will be assembled and charged with evaluating the occupancy rate, consultation fees, and staffing plan. They will also examine the institution’s compliance-related legislation to ensure that all essential certifications have been obtained.


The goal of this concept is to support the person with highest quality of life possible. The stay here will help the inmates choose a better lifestyle, ensuring better wellbeing. This will also facilitate to reap the benefits of yoga, meditation, exercise, spiritual counseling, music therapy etc.A balanced program of recovery that addresses the three facets of the affliction – mind, body, and spirit is practised.You will have a one-on-one recovery coach or support staff with you 24 hours of the day.

Welcome to BLM NMCC

Complete Medical Solutions in One Place

Most people think that there is no cure for cancer and this deadly disease leads to premature death. It is necessary to correct this misunderstanding in the general public's thinking. Today, there is no comprehensive care facility with all services provided under one roof in the vicinity of Kanhangad or across the whole district of Kasaragod. To achieve this, the planned privately funded cancer care hospital would offer a complete cancer care facility that includes early diagnosis as well as all treatment modalities that are integrated with other therapy streams, such as comprehensive rehabilitation.



Qualified Doctors


Clinic Rooms

A complete Oncology Center


BLM NMCC aims to provide medical relief to cancer patients. The proposed hospital also focus on generation of employmemnt opportunities and general social welfare schemes that provide financial assistance to the patients.

OBJECTIVES : To provide integrated and holistic cancer care facility which involves early detection and all modalities of treatment and integrates other streams of treatment also including a comprehensive rehabilitation programme.

MISSION : Leveraging global leadership in cancer treatment to establish cancer speciality cares across the world geographies.

CORE VALUES : Excellence -Learning-Integrity-Teamwork-Empathy

Highest Quality Healthcare

Architectural Design


100 bed cancer care hospital

30 acres of Land


Trauma and Emergency

Out-Patient Department

Facility for Daycare

Facility for Paediatrics

Facility for Hematology

Medical ICU

Male and Female Wards

Rooms for In-Patients

Radiology and Imaging department

OT complex with 3 OT and auxiliary facilities

View Architectural Design

Pediatric Oncology

A significant proportion of cancer patients are of paediatric age. We recognize this and work to make others aware that these children require special care and proactive rehabilitation.

The Paediatric category of patients is separated from the adult side, allowing them to be properly identified as those in need of special care. We've created a separate section for the 'Cancer Child.'

This block's atmosphere will be entirely child and parent-friendly. Technical and customer service personnel will be on hand to assist the children and their parents. The atmosphere, amenities such as play areas, a children's shopping corner, play stations, a video corner, and, of course, a book nook help alleviate the child's fear complex.


Rehabilitation Center

The physical rehabilitation center will ease the physical difficulties of cancer-inflicted people and cancer-cured people.The psychological rehabilitation center aims at helping the patients to cope up with the mounting mental stress and help prevent them from falling into clinical depression and anxiety disorders. It also aims at providing psychological support and assistance for patients in need.










Genomic Studies

As we are aware, there are a lot of genetically determined cancers, among other diseases. Nowadays the technology has developed and is keeping on advancing in Genomic studies. At NMCC, we are planning a Genomic Mapping programme for the people of Kasaragod. This will help us identify potential cases of cancer and help us advise them regarding preventive measures. This will create a great impact on society in the long run.


Artificial Intelligence

NMCC will be a pioneer in the use of latest Artificial Intelligence based innovative technology in cancer care. Some of them are:

Pain-free AI based screening solution to detect early stage breast cancer

Innovative "Multi-Marker Prognostic and Predictive Tests" that aid in personalised treatment of patients through identification of patterns of recurrence of various cancers.

Non-invasive and real-time solution to screen and detect cancer cells in the mouth using Multispectral Camera

AI-based Computer Vision for screening cervical cancer.

Liquid Biopsy that detects live cancer cells in blood circulation which captures Circulating Tumor cells(CTCs) in peripheral blood.